A Dog Owners Guide


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This website is for any new (or soon-to-be) dog parents who need a primer on how to care for canine family members. We built this website to share all the things we wish we’d known before we became dog parents.

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A Dog Parent’s Starter Guide

Are you thinking about getting a dog? Or have you just brought your pup home for the first time? Start here to learn the basics about caring for your new furry family member.

Deciding to Get a Dog

♦ What Kind of Dog to Get

Essential Equipment & Supplies

New Puppy Survival Guide

Tips & Tricks for Dog Parents

Everything from shopping hacks for pet supplies, tips to get your pup to behave, and reviews of tasty doggy treats.

Dog Food & Treats

Training & Play

Health, Wellness, & Grooming

Finances & Cost Cutting